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Your Business Path

Last week I met with a new client. As we dove deep into her website needs, I started to realize her path to her goals wasn't where it needed to be. It's a common problem because dreamers have big dreams - that's the only way any business would find success. Every business needs a big dream. We just have to find the right path to get from today to the big dream. For this client, it was a quick discussion about her service that helped us get right to the path we needed to be on.

Her business had two options:

1. The Whole Enchilada Design Service - Top to bottom home design service including architectural drafts.

2. Workshops about Home Design.

After unpacking her business path and understanding where she wanted to be and where she was now, it was clear to see that some adjustments needed to be made. While she can be offering "the whole enchilada" package, she also needs to offer a more affordable option to help establish her brand and get some experience.

Selling services isn't like selling clothing or a tangible product. The worth of a tangible product can be shown in graphics, videos, and a well-worded description. The sales start coming in and the product reviews help boost your market. Services rely much more heavily on trust, proof, and previous customer reviews.

So, she came to the conclusion that she should offer the previous options listed above as well as a design consult service to help those that aren't building a new house but want to make their existing home more functional, beautiful, and "homey".

I love that I can help people have successful businesses and realize their potential to create things that are even better than they initially imagined. Your business path might be perfect but it's always worth it to sit down and flesh out your ideas with someone new.


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