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How to make your Gmail email address work for your business

Custom email mailboxes can be about $15 per month for each email. That can feel like a high price tag for those just starting their small business. So, what's the next best option?

Gmail. There are countless small businesses using gmail for their business email accounts and while it may not be ideal or the most professional option. It's an adequate option to get you started.

These tips can help you get the most from your gmail email address and look as professional as possible.

Choose the best email address

As you're completing your brainstorming and business planning phases, look at domains, emails, etc. so you don't end up with instead of the preferred and more consise, Your cred ibility as a business drops when you don't have the former option. Plus, it's harder to remember.

Email signature

Your email signature is so important for a professional Gmail option. It shows your branding, provides additional information like phone numbers and social media links.

Make sure your signature is proportional and sized correctly, ensure it is added to every email, even those sent from mobile devices.

Of course, were here to help, just (contact us)

Contact Form

Your website should always include your email address and a contact form. This provides an easy way for customers to send a message without even having to open an extra window or app.

This also adds a level of professionalism and they'll look more to th business name of the responder rather than the email address when they get an email back.

Professional Email Writing

Poorly written emails will negate any good a custom email mailbox may have done for you. Emails should be written for your clients and even as a small business, you can be professional. There’s no rule that only businesses with 50+ employees need to be polite, clear, and concise in emails. Proof read emails and double check for spelling before hitting send.


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