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7 Tips for Productively Working from Home

Working from home can be a blessing and a curse and staying motivated can be a challenge in a different environment with different distractions. We're here with __ tips to get you motivated and focused for working at home.

  1. Get Dressed

  2. Make a Plan - and stick to it!

  3. Take a Break

  4. Communicate

  5. Break-up with Social

  6. Find a Workspace

  7. Stay Healthy

1. Get Dressed

Working at home may seem like a great opportunity to lounge around but getting dressed and ready will help you feel energized and frame your mind for a full day at work. So set your alarm, take a shower, and start your day like you would if you were heading to the office. Keep your professionalism peaked for productivity and if you end up on a video call.

2. Make a Plan

Is this the first time that you haven't had to be in the office by 7am? It might feel like a great opportunity to sleep in and roll to your new "office" at 10am but setting a start time just like the office will help your mind understand that it's time to buckle down and get to work.

Schedule a lunch break and don't eat through lunch - step away from your desk and enjoy your lunch. Your brain needs the break and observing a dedicated lunchtime will help you avoid the workday fatigue.

Deadlines still exist even from home and your employer will be thankful that you're not taking this work from home deal lightly but still ready to produce the results expected. So stay organized and make your to-do list happen.

3. Take a Break

Get up and take a walk. Your mind and health will thank you. Your normal walk to the conference room or to the 12th floor will be lacking from home so make sure you stretch your legs and get moving from home.

4. Communicate

Working from home means less communication across your team and with clients. So find ways to communicate with online video conferencing like GoToMeeting or Join.Me. These solutions can ensure you keep your team close even when you're far apart.

5. Break-Up with Social

Your phone can be a distraction and even more so at home if you know your boss can't see you mindlessly scrolling through Instagram. So, hide your phone, delete social media apps, or set a timer to keep you from the endless void of social media.

6. Find a Workspace

Working in a different environment is hard but even worse if you don't have a space to work. Don't work from your bed - you sleep there. Find a room or even part of a room, a desk or table, and a chair. Clear some space, ensure good lighting, and try your hardest to create a space that gives peace and privacy for maximum focus.

7. Stay Healthy

Working from home can land you in the dumps. Mental health is important and required for productive work and our own happiness. Taking breaks, getting fresh air, eating healthy foods, talking to others, and other best practices can help you stay positive at home.

What are some ways you maximize your productivity while working from home?

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