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Website Design Process

Our website design process is very effective in achieving the difficult task of understanding our client's design vision. We focus on the functionality needed and the style wanted to give our clients the perfect website for them.

The first step is usually a call. Some people are comfortable with just emails and we’re 100% fine with that. During this call and/or emails, we discuss your website needs and design vision. From there, we'll give a quote for the design work and email a proposal. Sometimes there are multiple options that you can weigh the benefits of, and choose what's best for you.

Next, you'll sign your contract, pay 50% of the invoice, and complete design questionnaires found in your private client portal. These questionnaires have specific questions to help us get a complete picture of your style & preferences.

Then, the design really gets started. We design the home page first, based on our communication and the questionnaire. Designing and getting feedback on the home page helps ensure we don't do a ton of work on multiple pages only to discover we need to make a major change to the style and have to do a lot of rework. Then, you'll receive a feedback link to review and give feedback.

Following this first revision, we’ll make the needed changes and then design the remainder of the website in the same style as the approved home page. We will then do a final revision on these new pages.

Once that revision is complete, the website will be considered complete and the remaining portion of the invoice will be due so we can connect to your premium plan, domain, and push the website live.

Each client chooses the method of pushing the website live based on personal preference, potential updates needed, etc.

Now, everyone has questions about website timelines and that's a complex topic that we cover more here. However, we talk about your timeline during your initial call and our process makes it really straight forward and easy to complete on time.

Do you have questions about the design process?

Let us know!


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