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Design Timelines

How quick can we get this done?

I know, it's crossed your mind - it's a common and a very valid question. Everyone comes to the table with a different timeline and we're happy to work with everything from overnight rushes to the 4-6 month projects. So what's the answer? Timelines are hard to estimate for a few reasons:

1. How prepared are you? Do you have your content, color scheme, logo, photos, etc. ready for us?

2. Are you prepared to pay a rush fee? I've built websites in 24 hours but that means I'm up for 24 hours and you'll pay for that.

3. Do you need changes or revisions? If you want to forgo your website revisions and changes, we can get things done very quickly but when you want to fine-tune things, it can take longer.

4. How fast are you at responding? If the feedback takes days or you want to send it to everyone in the organization for review, it's going to slow the process.

So - timelines are as much up to you, the client, as it is the designers.


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