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3 Reasons to have Consistent Content

Updated: Apr 5, 2018

Writing consistent content is so important for the many reasons, my top 3 are sure to help you get off to a great start!

1. SEO - we talked about the basics of SEO here.

Another important thing to remember is that with SEO -- you NEED fresh content. Search engines don't want to display websites that have content from 2008. Even if it's still just as relevant, search engines don't know that. They want fresh, new takes on these ideas. So go in and freshen things up. Here are a few ways to do that:

  • A "top 10 mistakes" post

  • Research new information and give your opinion

  • Invite a guest to write about their experience

  • Interview a customer and give their feedback

2. Engagement - Engaged readers come back, return readers make purchases and click affiliate links -- give them a reason to come back with new fresh content. It's also extremely important to give readers a place to comment on your content by enabling comments on your blog posts or engaging in social media. You can't do that with the same article from 2008. You need new things!

3. Authority - As you write more information about your topic, you become the authority on your topic. Do your research and write articles that are cohesive and show your the most knowledgable source in the field. Make people want to come to your when things in the industry change.

I loved this article from SEOVisor about this topic. Check it out!

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