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6 tips for Writing Website Content

One of the hardest things for my clients is content creation and often times, it holds up the design process. It can be intimidating and I understand the fear. You want to write what's important but not bore anyone. You love your business but do other people want to know the nitty gritty of your niche?

Here are 6 tips for writing website content:

1. Keep it understandable.

Don't write for an expert if that's not your audience. You might sound like a genius in your own head but it your language is too advanced or your speaking over the average reader's head, they're going to leave.

2. Break it up.

A page of text only is tough to get through. Keep it interesting with appropriate graphics, photos, and other visual aides. Don't throw a photo of Fido in there if your not writing about how to show your dog you love them. Keep it relevant!

3. Make lists.

Lists or bullets help readers stay engaged. It pulls them through the information and keeps them interested in the next item. Plus, everyone loves a "top 6" or "worst 4" headline which equals easy marketing for you.

4. Links... Good links.

Let's make a deal, you won't put "click here..." in any of your website content. OK? Add links in your website but make them flow and make sense. By using relevant text to put your links in, it gives readers more of a reason to click and it doesn't look cheesy.

5. Legal Rights.

Don't plagiarize, deal? Just like in high school English papers, taking other people's words, images, and ideas can really hurt you. You can even be removed from search engines. So explore ideas out there but come up with your own ideas of how to express the ideas to your readers.

6. Add Call to Actions.

Why are you writing? Do you want readers to stick around? Or maybe purchase something? Well, invite them to! Whether it's subscribing to your newsletter or following you on social media, now is the time to add an invite with a link. Just like how you can subscribe to my newsletter for more website tips at the bottom of this page!

The best tip I can give you - START WRITING. Even if you're unsure, put pen to paper or fingers to keys and start. You'll learn as you go and get better and better.

Don't wait for perfection or it will never come.


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