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The (literal) beauty of stock photos

Updated: Jul 13, 2019

Here you are, you've got a great business idea and we’re building a great website. You've worked on some killer content - your words are sure to sell. However, your photos are less than appealing. The lightings wrong, there are some weird things going on in the background. It's just not right.

But how are you supposed to get great photos? You don't have the budget for a professional photographer, a snazzy studio set up, or the equipment.

photo studio

It's ok! Stock photos are here for you!

Stock photos are paid (or free) photos that you can use on your website or in print. You've maybe heard of Shutterstock or Getty Images. These are wonderful but expensive options.

Where do I send my clients?

My recent favorite is Pikwizard. Like many websites, they have great stock photos but what sets them apart is their extensive collection of photos with PEOPLE. Landscape, home, setting photos are a dime a dozen but great FREE photos with people can be really hard to find. So I've bookmarked Pikwizard and I'm sending my clients there first. Here is a great sampling of Pikwizard photos.

Other great options include:

These are all FREE stock photo resources that can fill your website with stunning images to help improve your brand appearance.

Need help choosing the best stock photos? We offer photo curating services to help you choose the best photos that will rival even your toughest industry competition.


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