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Ascend by Wix for Small Businesses

Updated: Mar 2, 2020

What is Ascend?

Ascend is a communication add-on that allows you to connect more fully with your website visitors. The capabilities are wide-ranging, including, chat, extended forms, automation, and much more.

Website chat

Why is Ascend an add-on?

Does it feel like Wix is just trying to grab an extra buck?

Let's break this down.

I've built dozens of successful Wix websites and only six have Ascend plans. This tells me that an Ascend plan isn't required or always needed to run your business. Wix could have just included it and done price increases across all Wix premium plans.

That doesn't seem fair.

Don't pay for advanced features that you don't need. Thanks Wix!

Do I Need Ascend by Wix?

As your website designer, this is something I'II recommend if it will truly be beneficial to your business. I don't get a kickback from Wix for selling this to you.

I will usually recommend Ascend if you need any of the following:

• Instant chat.

• Social media posts generated from your website.

• Email visitors.

• To collect information from visitors beyond a simple contact form.

• Automatically generated emails.

• Generate invoices for your clients or visitors.

How much is Ascend by Wix?

Every Wix website has a free version of Ascend. It includes some great features but many of those include Ascend branding.

An upgraded Ascend plan includes the additional features listed here.

Ascend by Wix Pricing
Ascend plans are subject to change. Check for accurate pricing.

This monthly fee is in addition to your Wix premium plan.

How do I purchase an Ascend plan?

As always, a quick email to me can deploy my assistance in adding one of the Ascend plans and optimizing it to your needs.

If you'd like to add Ascend by Wix to your website independently this article will get you started.

How can Ascend help you?

Let me know in the comments.


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